DJ Mark Brickman

DJMB600-330x330DJ Mark Brickman has a passion for deep, soulful house music.

In 2003,  DJ Mark Brickman held residences at the Hotel Astor and Pearl Lounge in South Beach , as well as the Uber popular Rumi Lounge.  He also traveled throughout Florida, San Juan, PR and the Midwestern United States where he played alongside Miami trance DJ, Edgar V.  In 2011 Mark Brickman began producing original cuts and remixes on independent house music label RaMBunktious Records (Miami) which he co-founded.

2013 has been a stellar year for DJ Mark Brickman.  Numerous singles have seen top 40 chart positions in Music Week magazine and DMC Magazines “Buzz Chart”.   Re mixers have included: Sonny Wharton (Skint, Whartone),  Juan Kidd (Defected, Toolroom, Weirdo),  So Called Scumbags (Skint, Grin), Jay-J (Shifted, Defected) and numerous others.  After 12 years of spinning and creating house music, this veteran DJ and producer shows no signs of slowing down.

Currently, DJ Mark Brickman spends his time in Miami Beach.

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